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2020 Spring

Softball Rules

Mens Open A Division  

Bid 0-8 Home Runs

1.       Time Limit: 1-hour 10min.

2.       Teams will bid the number of homeruns to be hit during the game. Umpires will designate the number of home runs to be hit                   
          during the game. Example: Team A notifies umpire they would like to hit 5 homeruns, Team B requests to hit 7 homeruns.                     
          Umpire designates that the homerun limit for the game will be 6.

3.       Any home run hit after limit is an out.

4.       Game time is forfeit time. 6:30, 7:30, & 8:30pm.

5.       A team can start with 9 players.

6.       Pick up players must be approved by opposing coach.

7.       Each batter will begin with (1) ball (1) strike.

8.       Approved Softball 44 core 375 compression must be used.

9.       Bats must be ASA or USSSA approved.

10.   Altering equipment will not be tolerated.

11.   No Steel Cleats.

12.   Screen will be provided for pitchers protection.

13.   Ball will be declared dead when a batter hits screen for the first time during at bat.

14.   The batter will be called out upon hitting screen for a second time during an at bat.

15.   No stealing 

16.   Strike matt will be used for balls and strikes. A pitch will be called a strike if ball hits plate or matt Arch must be a minimum of 6ft           
        and max of 10ft.

17.   Safety scoring. All plays at home are considered a force out. Runner must cross safety line before defense possess the ball at               

18.   Commitment line: Once the runner has crossed the commitment line, they cannot return to third base.

19.   Courtesy Runner: Any player on team can be a courtesy runner once an inning.

20.   Team shirts must be worn by all players.

21.   Run rule: 10 after 5th, 15 after 4th and 20 after 3rd.

22.   Roster’s must be turned in before first game or you will forfeit.

23.   Protest must go through home plate umpire.

24.   No Alcohol IN Park!!!!

25.   Dogs must be on leash.

26.   Profanity will not be tolerated.

Ejection Penalties:

To be determined by Recreation Department. Each penalty will be determined by the severity of offense. Suspensions will range from one game to remainder of season.


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